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Logo design is not as simple as two clicks; it requires professionalism.

Are you looking to design a professional Logo with us?

Invest in a logo and let your business grow!

Why is it very important to have a logo?

Brand Identity


Trust and Credibility
Marketing Advantage
Customer Loyalty
Brand Message
First Impressions
Competitive Edge

Some of Our Designed Logos

Explore our portfolio to see a selection of elegnat logos we’ve created, showcasing our expertise and creativity in logo design.

our prices

Pricing Table

We have a reasonable price to assure you, we work according to the principle that the customer is the first, not the money

Note: Adam Media Services requires payment upfront before we begin building your project.


How does the logo design process work?

Once you select a Bronze Package and complete the payment, we will begin designing your logo based on the ideas you provided in the contact form. If you choose the bronze logo package, you will receive 2 initial logo concepts. You can then select one of these concepts. Upon selection, you are entitled to 3 revisions to perfect the chosen design. These revisions must be completed within 1 month. If you require additional edits after this period, an extra fee will apply.

I'm not sure which logo package I should choose. Can you help me?
For your situation, the best logo package is the Gold Package because it includes 5 concepts. We always collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the design aligns with the company’s identity. Choosing the best logo to represent your company depends on your industry, company income, and the strength of your marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if you are confident about your logo idea, then the Bronze Package is ideal. Many people believe their initial logo idea best represents their company, but this is often not the case. Due to a lack of experience and creativity, they may fall into many mistakes.

Do you edit Logos created by other companies?

Adam Media Services is proud to offer comprehensive logo editing services, even for logos created by other companies. We understand that your brand’s identity is paramount, and sometimes existing logos need a refresh or refinement to better align with your business goals.

Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and make precise adjustments, whether it’s updating the design, enhancing the quality, or making subtle changes to better reflect your brand’s personality.

The price for our logo editing services ranges between €70 to €150, depending on the complexity and extent of the edits required.
Let us help you refine your logo to perfectly represent your company’s identity and values.

How long does it take to finish my logo?

It will be finished within a week. As we mentioned, it is not as easy as it may seem. We need to brainstorm and think carefully to create your professional logo.

These are the steps we need to follow:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Research
  3. Concept development
  4. Design execution
  5. Feedback and revisions
  6. Finalization
Do you have other services?
Services we offer

Graphic Design Services:
Logo Design
– Designing Flyers
– Business Cards
– Brochures
– Infographics
– Branding
– Package Design

Photography Services:
Product Photography

Website Services:
Building Website
Building Webshops
– Building Extra Pages
– Editing Websites
– Recovering Passwords
– Creating Website Backups
– Creating Booking Systems

Social Media Services:
Instagram Account Managment

SEO Services:
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Technical SEO
Off-Page SEO
Complete SEO

App Services:
– Web Apps
– iOS Apps
– Android Apps

We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet all your graphic design, website, SEO, and app development needs.

I don't have a lot of money. Can I buy my logo package in installments?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase our logo package in installments. However, we do offer installment plans for other services, such as website building. If you are interested in those services, we would be happy to discuss flexible payment options with you.


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Note: Everybody can build a logo, but not everybody can create a professional logo. A truly professional logo requires a deep understanding of design principles, brand identity, and market trends. It’s not just about making something that looks good; it’s about crafting a visual symbol that effectively communicates your brand’s message and values to your target audience. Investing in a professional logo design can make a significant difference in how your brand is perceived and can set you apart from the competition. Investing in professional product photography can make a significant difference in the success of your business.